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    Openwork IFDL and Zurich Platform

    Sometimes called a ‘Wrap’ (because the platform has different 'tax wrappers').

    What is a platform? What’s a tax wrapper? Whose is it and how does it work? The Openwork IFDL and Zurich Platform is a tool that can bring together your investments and pensions, allowing you to view them in one place. You will have choice and access to a wide range of investment funds to better reflect your future plans, financial position and attitude to risk.

    You can view all of your investments in one place and record other assets such as the value of your property and other valuables. You will be able to track performance online, your adviser can also view your portfolio and manage it accordingly conducting trades and tracking.

    Your adviser will be able to generate reports at the touch of a button taking the effort out of managing finances when investments are with different providers who issue statements at different times of the year. (Ease of completing tax returns).

    The charges associated with a platform are competitive and transparent. You can clearly see the costs involved with any investment decisions you make and allow you to agree the charges with your adviser in advance. A tax wrapper is a specific type of investment (eg. Pension, Bond, ISA etc). It’s called a tax wrapper because each type of product has different tax implications.

    The concept of Investment Platforms is a recent addition to the wide ranging aids available to all clients and in time will become as common and accessible as the internet to help clients efficiently and openly manage their investments. Your Coast to Coast Adviser will explain how the use of Platform tax wrappers can benefit existing and new investments.

    Whatever your specific needs your Coast to Coast Adviser will work with you to establish and select the funds and tax wrappers that are right for you.